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Fashion photography? Retro-pop video clip? In her work, Martine Gutierrez uses visual conventions and stereotypical, popular iconography, except that she plays all the roles. At the same time photographer, costume designer, and model, unlike the advertisements of women’s magazines, the proposed image of herself is controlled, chosen, reappropriated. Thus, she is part of the lineage traced by Hannah Wilke or Cindy Sherman, of the photography committed against gender and cultural stereotypes conveyed by the media. Her series ‘Demons’ testifies to this, scripting Aztec, Mayan, and Yoruba costumes in order to better question their meanings and their cultural reappropriation.

Playing with norms to better divert and criticize them, or overplaying the artifices to better explore the depths of her identity, it is undoubtedly between these two paradoxes that Martine Gutierrez’s art flourishes.

Martine Gutierrez

Represented by the RYAN LEE Gallery

Ana Bordenave