Arturo Arita: Floral sculptures and chromatic symphonies

Arturo Arita

As a florist of the new generation, Arturo Arita shakes up the codes of floral art with contemporary, colorful, and graphic compositions, inspired by his Central-American origins. After the remarkable inauguration of a space conceived as a floral gallery a year ago, he is preparing to offer a digital version with the opening of his […]

Instagram’s New Green Activists

Lizzie Carr

Formerly visible through its events and remarkable actions, environmental activism has now largely invested in a sort of digital marketing and has adopted more diverse tones, between humor, information and revelations, to raise public awareness concerning environmental issues. Although green activists are still present at in-person gatherings and still use regular calls to action, digital […]

Roasting: The Great Return of Traditional Coffees

Paris Coffee Revolution

And one more! Recently inaugurated in the Mouffetard neighborhood, a new place dedicated to coffee has just opened its doors in Paris. Under the name Loutsa, this boutique is the first Parisian address of this Lyon-based roaster. True to its promise, Loutsa offers the opportunity to experience the roasting process and discover multiple flavors of […]

Open-air Art: A Stroll Through the Can’t-miss Parisian Street Art Spots

Street Art

Often provocative, sometimes funny or with strong political connotations, street art first started by invading public spaces illegally before gaining recognition as a discipline in its own right, carried by major artists and recognized by renowned institutions and critics. In France, particularly in Paris and its suburbs, graffiti and tags have multiplied on walls and […]

India in Paris: Trip to Little India

Quartier indien à paris

India, its colors, its smiles, its perfumes, its spices … Want to immerse yourself in Indian culture for a day? Follow us for a colorful stroll in the heart of Paris! Head for the Indian district, also called Little India or Little Jaffna. Located rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, between La Chapelle metro station and the Gare […]

Fast-casual food: for gourmets in a hurry

mao dumpling dans le marais

The concept of “ casual food” cuisine appeared in the USA in the 2000s, then has spread to France. Now the concept is experiencing a real boom. It can be summed up in three words: fast, healthy and casual food. Fast-casual food is replacing fast food, with healthy meals on the go that are environmentally […]

The Paradisio takes the air at Le Georges


The new summer “hot spot” orchestrated by Emmanuel d’Orazio.This summer, Sunday evenings will have a festive air on the terrace of the Centre Pompidou! The Germain Paradisio, the famous club on Rue de Buci, will take over the rooftop of the Georges, the restaurant overlooking the museum.At the helm of the club, Emmanuel d’Orazio, who […]