Shells, algae, mushrooms…: the new materials of tomorrow’s design

Marion Saignon Designer

At a time when environmental issues are at the heart of industrial and societal challenges, a new generation of designers is exploring new natural materials to evolve the properties of objects and their manufacturing processes. In their workshops, new materials created from organic or mineral elements are emerging as virtuous design pieces. These ecologically conscious […]

Chafik Gasmi, A designer between industry and poetry

His “Ying” armchair, which he designed with contemporary furniture designer Hugues Chevalier, is installed in the reception rooms of the Prime Minister in Matignon and has contributed to his fame in France and abroad. A multi-talented architect and industrial designer, Chafik Gasmi exercises his creativity in many fields; from furniture to retail design, from interior […]

Paris Design Week, creativity in the heart of the capital.

I AM A STOOL by Studio Ublik

From 03 to 12 September 2020, Paris will experience an unrivaled creative frenzy. Since the long-awaited back-to-school event will be there. Paris Design Week will be held in the heart of the capital. To reinvent, again, and this for the 10th edition the world of design. An essential meeting for all French and international actors […]