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Boldizar Senteski is a Hungarian artist and designer known for his striking sculptural work, which explores the tension between past and future, decadence and renewal. Strongly inspired by his native Budapest, his artistic practice is a blend of Art Nouveau, Post-Soviet Brutalism, Baroque and Neoclassicism.

A unique amalgam that gives rise to a singular creative language. Dividing his time between New York and Budapest, the artist also navigates between traditional craftsmanship and industrial innovation, with experimentation as his destination. Equally proficient in the art of lighting, he is also an alchemist, celebrating error, the unexpected and the oxidation of matte

With his flagship piece “Mirror Paintings”, he blurs the boundaries between pure art and functional design, and poetically explores human perception. “I’m an observer and am very sensitive to my environment. Much of my work tends to refer to time. My mirrors are each handmade and unique, almost like paintings in a sense. My work is often described as a mixture of brutalism and romantic elements. For example, the shapes I use are simple, robust and monolithic, but at the same time other details are fragile, ornamental and almost romantic. I think it’s the contrast that’s at the heart of my work.” Contrast has never been so poetic.

Hongrie – Budapest 

Lisa Agostini