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This hotel, with its cubist architecture, situated in the heart of the wildest part of the east coast of Mauritius, on Belle Mare beach, invites us to reconnect with our natural environment. A modern, elegant place that blends tradition, notably in the use of materials such as wood and stone, with resolutely modern comforts.

On one side, 900 metres of white sand to play the Crusoe Robinsons and a coral reef that will captivate scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. On the other, tropical gardens where visitors can discover the richness of the island’s endemic flora, including ebony trees, Diospyros Tessellaria, Mapou trees and splendid bottle palms. There’s also the chef’s garden and the beehives, home to 245,000 bees busy producing their delicious golden necta

Every week, a specialised guide offers a tour of the entire park, which covers more than 20 hectares, to curious visitors and nature lovers, to better understand and get up close to all this biodiversity.

For those who wish, the hotel can organise hikes in exceptional sites such as the Vallée de Ferney protected reserve. Here too, a guide will tell you all about the history of this valley, from the first trees to those imported by the various colonisations, and you’ll discover the site’s giant tortoises and the black flying fox, an endemic bat on the island with a wingspan of around 80 cm. A hike accompanied by the songs of tropical birds, a spectacular experience in the heart of nature.

For the more epicurean, a weekly cooking class is organized with one of the hotel’s chefs, Ritesh Dawoojee. We start with a visit to the Flacq Market, where stalls of spices and other island treasures take pride of place, before returning to the kitchens of the Hasu restaurant to prepare one of the typical dishes inspired by the multicultural mix of India, Africa, Asia and France. An experience that will awaken all your senses in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A heavenly place for all those who want to escape their daily routine and experience unusual and authentic moments. multiculturelle entre l’Inde, l’Afrique, l’Asie et la France.

Mélissa Burckel