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Let’s head for São Francisco Xavier, a mountainous area about 150 kilometres from São Paulo. “Casa Preta is a 220 m² country residence designed by architects Felipe Hess and Lucas Miilher. Its exterior façade is painted black, enabling it to blend seamlessly into the surrounding vegetation and natural landscape.

Its appearance is reminiscent of a pavilion in two parts of different dimensions. The division is provided by a bay, housing a veranda with a wooden floor that echoes the wooden pergola. A pergola under which guests can enjoy watching the breathtaking scenery of infinite immensity.

The larger of its two sections houses the living areas with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an area dedicated to communal living, with living room, dining room and kitchen. It’s a spectacular space, where the sleek but present fireplace and library designed by the architects set the tone. As well as having large openings facing the landscape. This room is directly connected to the balcony, located between the two parts of the building. A lantern runs the length of the main part of the building, illuminating the bathrooms, corridors and various passageways, as well as part of the living area.

A true haven of peace complemented by a more intimate space for practising yoga, but also for enjoying the sauna, bathroom and other facilities, making Casa Preta a true refuge.

Lisa Agostini

Brazil – São Francisco Xavier