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Henry Baumann has revealed some intriguing new design pieces on his Instagram account. One by one, multiple resin bubbles are superimposed to create curvaceous side tables and stools. Read on. 

Since his early days, the designer has been surprising people with his unusual play on materials. He has a knack for transforming an initially ordinary object into a spectacular work of art. Working by instinct is his credo: “When I try out these materials and test them, I often start with an initial idea that fails. But this failure gives birth to something else. This process fascinates me.”

Instinctive Design 

Somewhere between sculpture and function, Henry Baumann once again surprises us with his organic furniture. Like a self-portrait, Henry Baumann lets a part of himself shine through his “Boo” series. The German designer says: “My role is to provide the framework and topicality to enable the work to find its own form and identity.” Henry’s imagination then tames his creations, which he lets speak according to his emotions of the moment. Their forms come to life as the creative process unfolds, rather than the other way around.

Made up of six distinct bubbles, Henry Baumann’s “Boo” is adorned with four brass feet. Sometimes unique, sometimes atypical, each creation can be customised according to the owner’s desires. 

Another of the designer’s series intrigued us: resembling the shell of a giant snail, “o. T” invites spectators to enter for an experience that will awaken all their senses. Composed of two entrances, the functional work invites us to enter into a dialogue, in whatever way we choose. ” o. T” then encourages viewers to suggest various ways of using it, collaboratively shaping the object’s meaning as they interact.

Marine Mimouni

Allemagne – Berlin