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On November 28, Objects With Narratives announced the opening of its second showroom in the heart of Bruges, Belgium. Following the launch of a first venue in collaboration with Forward Gallery, the founding trio – Oskar Eryatmaz and brothers Nik and Robbe Vandewyngaerde – have chosen to continue the adventure on their own. A showroom that promises some fine discoveries. Take a tour. 

Comprising two adjoining rooms, this new showroom unveils a retrospective of furniture pieces presented at their eighth design exhibitions organised in 2023, including “Postcards of Rotterdam”, at the Dutch architecture firm Doen, and “Breaking Boundaries” at PAD London. You’ll find the One Curve seat by Studio Narra, the Boudins bowl by Sabourin Costes and the Frost mirror by Alissa Volchkova.

Journey Into Space 

In the new year, the three young men have decided to write a new page in their history by presenting exclusive creations never before unveiled. They decided to name this new exhibition “Bons Baisers de Bruges” – In Bruges in English – in reference to Martin McDonagh’s film. Inside, the two spaces are bathed in a cosmic atmosphere in which every object swings between bluish, white and silver colours. The scenography plunges visitors into a parallel universe where time seems to have stood still. 

Once again, “Objects With Narratives” takes us on a journey, this time to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage cities. 

Marine Mimouni

Belgique – Bruges

Showroom Objects With Narratives. 

Gentpoortstraat 54, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. 

Visits by appointment only.