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The German photographer combines architecture, urban landscape, geometric abstraction, line finality and street photography with rare skill. 

A minimalist global vision of another world, where black and white, its radical tonalities and shades of gray, transport the viewer into an aesthetic that is at once contemporary, futuristic and historical. “For me, black and white is a reduction to the essential. It focuses on the subject of the photo,” she explains. Nina Papiorek took up photography in 2004 and has been perfecting her art ever since. She has contributed to several book projects and cofounded the Dorfcollective collective, which surveys the unknown real corners of the streets of Düsseldorf and foreign cities. While light also plays a key role in her creative process, a small human figure (or even several) is always present in her stagings, marking the different scales of these spatial plans. Like an impression of solitude and loss in the urban environment. The meticulous eye of this multi-talented photographer is an expression of her love for the graphic elements, combinations, dimensions, shapes, lines and structures she captures around the world. Each of her images, whether misty or snowy, seems to have a story to tell.

Nathalie Dassa

Allemagne – Oberhausen