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Sara Degenaar and Bienke Domenie form the Forever Studio tandem. Represented by Barcelona’s Vasto Gallery, the two designers have a particular attraction for materiality. There’s only one step between design and experimentation. Forever Studio has taken it in stride. Let’s find out. 

It all began in Rotterdam. The two young designers met and set up their studio in this city in the south of the Netherlands. Forever Studio is dedicated to highlighting the work of artisans, particularly those from local industry. The duo’s aim is for their creations to reveal the creative process behind each one of them.

Reuse of Materials 

As researchers, the designers focus on the inherent potential of the materials they use – including resin, aluminium and polished stainless steel – to create sculptures up to three metres high. Their principle is to create distinctive pieces of furniture that integrate perfectly with different interior styles. Available to order only, the Beam light fixture, Mesh shelf and Pose mirror are perfect examples. 

The duo recently unveiled “Relax”, their steel daybed. Characterised by pink, yellow and red resin slabs – left over from their previous creations – the piece of furniture intrigues as much as it fascinates. Through this initiative, Forever Studio reveals its ethical values: promoting design that is both reasoned and aesthetically pleasing. 

Galerie Vasto – Casa Vasto 

Carrer de Llull 109, Barcelone (Espagne)

Marine Mimouni

Espagne – Barcelone