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The Spanish photographer and art director Yza Voku probes the transitions of the image, questioning conventional boundaries for new perspectives.

Under the pseudonym YZA Voku, this Seville-born, Madrid-based artist develops his projects between photography, digital art, design and video. For him, everything becomes a perfect visual playground for creation, research, experimentation and the intersection of these disciplines. A former film student and trained cinematographer, his work explores the theme of identity, between loss, change and reflection on repercussions. His portfolio captures the transitions of the image through portraits, atmospheres and evanescent stagings that tend towards filmic narrative. 

When asked what motivates him in his work, YZA Voku answers outright: “I’m obsessed by movement, what seems to move, what is ephemeral, what is constantly changing. I like to think about what happens before and after an image, and this applies to both photography and digital art. Maybe the difference is that in photography, I try to capture the experience or feeling of the moment, and in digital art, I let myself be surprised, explore new things and try to get out of my comfort zone.”


His suggestive approach probes the phases and tensions between movement and fixity in the image, exploring the balance between photography, film and digital. Here, blur and sharpness mark the speed of movement to better express his feelings and perception of the world. Everything that is set free gives free rein to the imagination. “I like this process of adaptation and transition. A kind of apparent chaos, perplexity and search for order. Especially in my personal projects, where I play with the abstract, the illogical and the pieces that never fit.” 

Today, YZA Voku takes his analysis a step further, experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) to examine new forms of visual and bodily expression. His work highlights this synergy between the traditional and the technological. Using tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E 3, Adobe Photoshop’s Firefly (text to image) and PikaLabs & RunwayML Gen2 (image to video), he explores new dimensions of aesthetics and narrative to transcend his approaches. “(…) True identity lies behind the mask,” he narrates in his reel video on YouTube “(…) We are the protagonists of our own narratives, even if we don’t understand the meaning of our experiences.”

Nathalie Dassa

Crédits photo © Yza Voku

Espagne – Madrid