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Studio HAOS began with two aficionados, Sophie Gelinet and Cédric Gepner. Having never had any formal training in furniture design, the couple nevertheless took the plunge, creating their first lamp, which became the basis of a collection, and gave birth to Studio HAOS in 2017.

Instead of promoting expensive materials or even rare skills, the two designers, convinced that “the beauty of design has greater power in modesty”, seek to work with modest materials, such as plywood or sheet metal. When it comes to design, once again, the duo prefer to steer clear of “frivolous complications”, in favour of a focus on more thoughtful structures, more meticulous proportions and full of clarity. 

“Each piece sets an honest tone, uncluttered but thoughtful, austere but playful.” Based in Lisbon, the two designers first presented “Antimatière” at the inaugural CONTRIBUTIONS design festival in Paris last October. 

« Chaque pièce donne un ton honnête, épuré mais réfléchi, austère mais ludique. »

Through this collection, they explore the concerns of our time, tracing a singular path between mechanised mass production and opulent craftsmanship, presenting eight pieces using just two materials, 40×40 aluminum tubes and zinc sheets.

Lisa Agostini

Portugal – Lisbonne