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The Candle Project presents a series of limited-edition candles. 

The idea: to invite 10 designers to collaborate with artisans from the Beit Chabeb Hospital and ask them to reinterpret an evolving object, drawing, testing and transforming wax into sculpture. 

This beautiful initiative is orchestrated by House of Today, a non-profit organisation that showcases contemporary Lebanese designers and their creative processes, with the aim of cultivating a sustainable design culture in Lebanon and strengthening cross border dialogue in the world of Design.

The 10 designers, renowned artists and emerging talents, worked with this material for the first time. This constraint enabled them to draw inspiration from their own artistic practices: architecture, interior design, custom product design and joinery. They followed a complex seven-step process to bring their creations to life. A sketch was the starting point, followed by 3D moulds, drying and finishing by hand.  

The result? “Sensitive” objects created hand-in-hand with the Lebanese waxmakers of Beit Chebab, a deeply human experience that left its mark on everyone involved in the project.

Each creation conceals a story full of poetry and culture, like “Aspiration”, inspired by the popular story of the Lebanese lady, Harissa, who watches over the coast and the Mountain above the clouds, disrupting the landscape with her seductive presence. Or “Strat”, inspired by Lebanese architecture, associated with the country’s magnificent mountainous regions. 

A project blending art, poetry and design that gives hope and the desire to believe in humanity. 

Les designers :       

Nada Debs: “Spiritual sphere”

Carla Baz: “Chrysalis”

Richard Yasmine: “Sinking sun for another one”

200Grs: “Blrrrrr” 

Aline Asmar d’Amman: “Aspiration”

David/nicolas: “Strat”

Flavie Audi: “Nothing is Forever” 

Sayar & Garibeh: “Flows”

LimbObject: “I am here”

Tamara Barrage: “Silhouettes”

Mélissa Burckel

Liban – Beyrouth