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Serge Mansau, from olfactory design to futuristic furniture

The general public will be most familiar with Serge Mansau’s work in the world of perfume. And for good reason: the Frenchman has designed some of the most iconic bottles of the 20th century. 

These include Guy Laroche’s Fiji, Kenzo’s Flower with its famous poppy encased in a transparent bottle, and Hermès’ 24 Faubourg. In addition to working for the great names in the olfactory world, Mansau has also distinguished himself as an artist, sculptor and designer. 

His work was showcased at the first edition of Contributions Design in Paris, with sublime pieces exhibited by Demisch Danant. The body of work selected by the New York Gallery is halfway between the work of art and the furiously modern everyday object. The programme includes a coffee table with space-age accents in stainless steel, a chromed vase resembling a modern cornucopia, and a lighting fixture reminiscent of origami. This glimpse into the work of the great master, who will pass away in 2019, is a must-see.

Lisa Agostini

crédits : Demisch Danant 

États-Unis – New York