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Nestled in the heart of the indigenous jungle of Ubud, Bali, Kappa Senses appears as a breathtaking haven, spread over two hectares of vibrant, pulsating vegetation. Thanks to the terrace that makes up the seventy-six majestic suites and villas, the resort offers guests total immersion in the surrounding nature, promising a unique experience. A harmonious fusion of luxury and the wild beauty of the surroundings.

The magnificence of the landscape invites itself through the large picture windows, as if nature itself were part of the interior. The intimacy of the cabin-shaped spa is a haven of peace set amidst the surrounding vegetation. Here, Clarins treatments respond to the desires and needs of each individual, a symphony of aromatherapy and massages that rejuvenate body and mind. Looking for adventure? On request, Kappa Senses organise activities for individuals or groups, focusing on gastronomy, nature and spirituality.

The 2,000m2 Kappa Senses Ubud also boasts a permaculture. All kinds of aromatic herbs are grown here, as well as vegetables and edible flowers. The hotel’s three restaurants can look forward to cooking with products from sustainable agriculture. Zero single-use plastics, energy production from renewable resources, waste management…  

All in all, the resort is committed to respecting the environment. A green paradise to be experienced without delay.

Marine Mimouni