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Igor Dieryck is a 24-year-old Belgian designer who, thanks to his Flemish father and Walloon mother, quickly came to understand the complex workings of the Belgian political landscape. Over time, he also developed an interest in Germanic and Latin cultures, which broadened his perception of the world around him and enriched his work, which he describes as political and analytical. 

Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2022, he first trained with Meryll Rogge, during an internship in which he learned the stages of the design process. The young artist then moved on to the tailoring department at Acné Studios, before designing and tailoring, leather and sportswear for Hermès. A company where he can put into practice his meticulousness and sensitivity to detail.

With his “YESSIR” collection, presented at the last edition of the Festival d’Hyères, Igor Dieryck reflects on the place of hotel staff within the establishment. His aim is to shed light on these all-too-frequently forgotten protagonists. A vision made possible by his experience as a receptionist. 

He also questions the role of the uniform, while proposing more experimental tailoring and creations with a focus on finishes. 

A balance between perfectly tailored suits and modern aesthetics that won him the 38th edition of the Festival d’Hyères with the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision, the Prix du Public and the Prix le 19M des Métiers d’art de Chanel. Igor Dieryck, a talent to watch.


Thomas Durin

Belgique – Anvers