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Australian designer Tom Fereday, known for his work with Louis Vuitton, Alessi, Stellaworks and Herman Miller, proposes a project in tune with the ecological issues of our time, designed from recycled aluminium. 

Fascinated by the tension between natural materials and contemporary design and manufacture, Tom Fereday develops unique designs born of an intrinsic investigation into the role of objects today.

An exercise he renews with “Cove Collection”. Entirely cast, this armchair, table and sofa are made from recycled cast aluminium, obtained from machine waste. The bow-shaped silhouette of these limited-edition pieces of furniture was created using an artisanal process that required sand. With this mirror effect, the furniture frames celebrate the natural beauty of aluminium. A singular, cold material, evocative of the industrial world, contrasted with soft leather, which generates a warm feeling of comfort. 

Named “Cove”, the collection owes its name to the radical curve that encapsulates the ends of each piece, referring to the minimal forms of architecture.

This collection, developed as a limited edition, should also see the light of day next year, in solid wood instead of aluminium, produced by the Australian brand Nau.


Lisa Agostini

Australie – Sydney

Angleterre – Londres