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Charles de Vilmorin, a young talent at the age of 26, brings to the top a couture universe similar to a kaleidoscope of colours and textures. The designer stands out for his exuberance and modernity, which he draws from art, nature and pop culture, at the crossroads between Tim Burton and Salvador Dali. His unique pieces resonate with energy, and each creation tells a story, capturing the imagination of wearers and admirers alike.

The man who challenges the norms of fashion both amuses and captivates. But he also questions society, with a bold vision of haute couture as possibly unisex. Charles de Vilmorin advocates free self-expression through fashion, deconstructing stereotypes with designs that celebrate diversity. His collections defy convention and pave the way for an era where fashion is genderless.

For Christmas, the couturier, dreamer, designer and artist was invited by Galeries Lafayette to imagine, “The Christmas of my dreams”. He gives voice to a little girl painting in her room. When she wakes up, she discovers a brush under her pillow that will bring all her drawings to life. A tale that echoes his colourful, graphic, theatrical and resolutely fashionable universe. 

Charles de Vilmorin is above all the promise of a renewal in the world of haute couture, where audacity and diversity are celebrated with radiance.

France – Paris