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Hanna Tveite is a Norwegian-born photographer and director whose timeless aesthetic creates visual worlds of confidence and elegance. Her work is distinguished by a unique fusion of creativity and an acute ability to capture the essence of her subjects, establishing light, colour and texture as the true pillars of her visual identity, whether in fashion photography, still life or filmmaking.

Hanna Tveite’s work reveals a penchant for intimacy, transporting the viewer into worlds where confidence and elegance combine harmoniously. Each visual, each cinematic composition tells a story that transcends time, testifying to the artist’s exceptional mastery of capturing moments.

Her reputation extends beyond Norway, with prestigious collaborations including publications in Le Monde and the Wall Street Journal. Hanna Tveite has also worked with world-renowned brands including Khaite, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Zara. Her influence in the fashion and photography industry is undeniable, with each project testifying to her commitment to originality and excellence.

Currently based in New York, the photographer finds her inspiration in the effervescent energy of the metropolis, an inexhaustible source of creativity that is reflected in her work. The city becomes a visual playground where every subway station, every facade, becomes a canvas. 

Hanna Tveite’s talent goes beyond still images, extending to filmmaking. Her cinematographic productions bear the same artistic stamp, combining aesthetics and narrative in a captivating way. This versatility demonstrates her commitment to artistic expression in all its forms, leaving an indelible mark on the world of visual art.


Thomas Durin