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Founded in 2016 by two architects, Elias Kalach and Teddy Nanes in México City, Vertebral officiates in both the architectural and landscape worlds. 


“The studio is not governed by an aesthetic ideal or a geometric predisposition,” explains the designer duo, “but by a research that births from observation, in order to approach the understanding of a site and a series of circumstances that give indications and guidelines to architecture.”  Valuing primary materials, concrete, steel, stone and wood are the studio’s main resources.


In addition to taking into account the context of each project, Vertebral is proud of its plant-based work: “Vertebral understands architecture as the act of intervening on a site to create space through walls and slabs, but also through bushes, grasses and trees.” A philosophy that materialises in the project christened “Costa Alegre”, located in Jalisco, Mexico. Facing the sea, on a cliff, the building is made of several volumes. The division of space allows the building to adapt to the terrain, allowing the watercourse on the site to flow naturally.

Three compact cylindrical stone volumes complete the ensemble. As they gain in height, the rooms gains in privacy and a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean. On the coastline, rocks emerge furiously from the sea. They form natural pools surrounded by a lightweight structure, which helps to generate partial shade. A singular project, coexisting with mountains, landscapes and ocean.


Lisa Agostini

Mexique – Mexico