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The German photographer’s work focuses on the interaction between architecture and landscape. This graduate of design, art and media at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart creates visual narratives that combine perspective, play of light and depth of space.

 His recent Ocean View series on the terrace of the Kamezí Deli & Bistró restaurant in Lanzarote is a fine example. This culinary venue is an integral part of the Kamezí Senso Concept in the Kamezi Boutique Villas, a “tribute to the senses”. David Altrath’s palette of warm, old-fashioned, retro colours offers an uncluttered, soothing vision.

His shots play with geometry, organic materials, contrasts and sunlight. But above all, they sublimate the contrast between the white structures, whose minimalist design is inspired by the island’s volcanic caves, the arid vegetation and the shades of blue in the sky and sea. 

This fusion of architectural purity creates an atmosphere of softness and tranquillity. It reflects the cuisine of Kamezí, inviting guests to enjoy refined seasonal dishes made with local ingredients. This gastronomic temple thus combines sustainable luxury with a health-conscious approach, while blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. “The series is much more than just a design showcase,” insists David Altrath “It also captures the harmony between nature and human creation.”

Nathalie Dassa

Crédits photo © David Altrath