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A new culinary book by Gilles and Nicolas Verot


Whether you’re a chef, an expert or a beginner – this book highlights 100 charcuterie recipes accessible to all. After the success of their first book, Gilles and Nicolas Verot are back with a new opus featuring vegetables. 

Gilles, Catherine and Nicolas Verot are at the helm of Maison Verot, a pioneer of excellent charcuterie for four generations. Father and son captivate us and make our mouths water as they pass on their know-how. All the products selected are in season, and all the recipes featured are ones that can be made all year-round. 

This is your chance to impress your guests with terrines of pumpkin with espelette pepper, pate en croûte with peppers, asparagus and carrot pie, spinach dumplings, pressé with Provence herbs, eggplant, zucchini and chicken, chicken rillettes with peas and asparagus. There’s something for everyone.

The authors guide us step by step, as we also learn how to mince or fry meat, make shortcrust pastry, devein foie gras or close a pâté en croûte. 

There’s also a new section with professional tips for those who want to discover new techniques and make their recipes more complex. 

Charcuterie, the star of this beautiful cookbook, follows the rhythm of the seasons and offers fresh, delicious recipes to try out without delay! 

Flora di Carlo 

Book: Terrines, Feuilletés & Pâtés en croute with vegetables

Authors: Gilles and Nicolas Vérot

Format: 213 x 267 mm

Price: €35