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Just a stone’s throw from Square Trousseau, Godaille invites you to indulge in an excess of pleasure in a moment of uncompromising sharing. 

In this quiet neighbourhood, push open the doors to a magical, luxurious place where the attentive staff will give you the best advice to enjoy exquisite dishes that will make you want to come back again and again.

Conceived by Étienne Aubron, Derick Fortes Rocha and Mickaël Bui, the place allows the trio to welcome guests in a setting where design reigns supreme. The leather seats invite you to relax between courses. The atmosphere is created by the subdued lighting, which takes the eye on a journey through the various alcoves.

To kick off the festivities, I start with the inevitable egg mayonnaise with a twist of chervil and tarragon. A simple dish at first glance, but one that reflects the quality of thoughtful cooking. It’s a choice I have absolutely no regrets about, as the flavours blend perfectly.  This starter is accompanied by a glass of Chardonnay, which, served chilled, makes the most of this Indian summer. 

On the waiter’s advice, I decide on a fried chicken thigh with ginger-lemon sauce, broccoli and sweet potatoes. A dish reminiscent of Sunday family meals at the grandparents’, surrounded by loved ones. It’s a hearty dish, with no room for imperfection in the way it’s laid out, and an aroma that wafts as soon as you leave the kitchen. 


And to finish on a nostalgic note, I enjoy a chocolate rice pudding with hazelnut praline and Rice Krispies that brings back memories of the snacks I had as a child. A pleasantly sweet touch to end this nostalgic dinner.

As you’ll have gathered, Godaille (slang for a profusion of tables) is an invitation to enjoy the present moment, conjuring up memories of childhood when eating and drinking well were the watchwords of this place, described as the good table for friends. 


9, rue Antoine Vollon, Paris 12e 

France – Paris

Thomas Durin