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Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Céline offer a dose of style on the court, on the beach or at home, with

new collections of haute couture pieces dedicated to racquet sports. Zoom in.

Louis Vuitton


A nod to the House’s trunk-making expertise, this turquoise Louis Vuitton Ping-Pong Table turns the playing surface into a pure objet d’art, combining simplicity and elegance. The table is upholstered in classic Damier or Monogram canvas, while the leather net also features the legendary pattern. Two drawers hold four custom-made rackets, while leather straps hold ten LV-branded balls. This piece is the latest addition to the range, following on from the Billiard and Baby-Foot models.


Style and sport also go hand in hand at Hermès. For its set of two Après la Vague beach rackets, made from beech and cork, the approach to tropical design is refreshing. A screen-printed rubber ball is also included. The design is by illustrator Quentin Monge, whose work often draws on his provençal roots in the South of France, where he lives.



In its tennis-themed summer capsule collection of skirts, jackets, polo shirts, vests and sneakers, Céline offers a selection of accessories. The racket covers, designed in canvas and calf leather, also available in a signature Triomphe blue-red print, celebrate the joy of outdoor play between luxury and dynamism. The removable pouch contains three Céline logo balls.

Nathalie Dassa