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Greece – Athens

Functionality, utility, practicality… The Greek architect flouts convention and custom with “The Uncomfortable”. In this playful collection, Katerina Kamprani has fun challenging the design languages and founding principles of domestic design by imagining products that are as unlikely as they are useless.

Concrete umbrella, open rain boots, watering can that waters itself from the inside, chair with impossible seating, undrinkable champagne glass that looks like a candelabra…

This architecture alumnus from the Technical University of Athens has a real head for ideas.

Here, she deconstructs and hijacks the semiotics of the original object to create designs that are at once clumsy and absurd, surreal and poetic. 

The self-proclaimed “criminal” of functionality started this project in 2017, making prototypes for her first solo exhibition at Zagreb Design Week. Since then, she has been pushing the observer-user to question the profound nature of processes and interactions with the simplest models between humour, art and design.

Nathalie Dassa