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France – Saint-Tropez

The Parisian fashion brand called on Australian design agency The Refreshment Club to design its new immersive, seasonal boutique “The Heimstone Public Pool” in the heart of Saint-Tropez. 

© Heimstone Public Pool / The Refreshment Club

The 60 m² space is inspired by the public pools of the 60s and 70s, offering an original and eye-catching window display. The blue mosaic becomes the surface of the water, while the metal ladder serves as a visual centrepiece to attract shoppers. 

Like a pond, the interior diffuses a homogeneous aquatic atmosphere and showcases the collections of Heimstone, founded by Alix Petit in 2007, who has turned her exclusive prints into innovative creations. All summer long, this Riviera boutique will come alive in the evenings to offer an attractive immersive experience.

© Heimstone Public Pool / The Refreshment Club

The brand, committed to an ethical approach and favouring production in France and Europe, is thus setting up personalised screenings, artist collaborations and a campaign centred on its new clothing range. For its founder and designer, this store represents “an exciting and unconventional business development strategy”, offering a glimpse into “the future of retail experiences.”

Nathalie Dassa

Heimstone Public Pool
14 traverse du Marbrier, Saint-Tropez