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Sicily – Taormina

In 1866, the Prince of Cerami inherited a 15th-century monastery in the ancient seaside town of Taormina. The monastery was transformed to accommodate European visitors. It houses the prestigious Principe Cerami restaurant, one of the best in Sicily. 

©San Domenico Palace

The starred restaurant is open from April to October. It offers quality cuisine, using the best local ingredients and traditions. Chef Massimo’s creations showcase the best of Sicilian cuisine as he rediscovers the gastronomy of his homeland and experiments with modern Mediterranean cuisine. 

In autumn, the restaurant has an elegant dining room. In summer, you can dine on the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea of Taormina. In a culinary culture like Sicily, tradition and innovation meet, and Chef Mantarro’s dishes are the perfect combination of classic specialties and bold flavors.


Two menus are prepared alternately, one recreating the taste of yesterday, the other of today. 

For starters, you can opt for a combo of cooked and raw seasonal vegetables, entitled “Like a work of art “Arcimboldo.” 

For the first course, Luca Crimi’s handmade spaghetti, “Mount Etna,” tomato fondue, and salted ricotta cheese make a great impression.  

For dessert, you can choose the “Cacao di Terra” with peanut, milk chocolate, and passion fruit flavors, ideal for chocolate and exotic fruit lovers. 

A grand and elegant restaurant, inside and out!


Palace San Domenico 
Piazza S. Domenico de Guzman, 5, 98039 
Taormina ME, Italy