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In the heart of Athens’ picturesque Solonos Street, Philos – Greek for friends – brings back to life a decaying neoclassical mansion built in 1937 by entrepreneur and arts lover Euripidis Koutlidis. A place that has lain dormant since the latter’s death, Philos finds a new lease of life in a project orchestrated by Athenian fashion couple Marilena Emmanouil and Sotiris Tsaglis, whose bold, clear-sighted vision combines the splendour of the past with contemporary effervescence. 

Philos transcends the simple notion of a restaurant to position itself as a plural living space: the venue, articulated over several levels, also houses a fashion boutique and a space dedicated to photographic exhibitions. The café, which remains the beating heart of the space, allows visitors to sample culinary specialties while admiring an eclectic selection of design objects. The walls, left unfinished, and the original floors, with their patina of time, contrast with the minimalist furnishings and the use of noble materials to create a space imbued with sophistication and character. 

Philos’ cuisine is part of the same fusion of tradition and modernity. The menu, often renewed, celebrates local flavours and products through classic but mastered brunch recipes: alongside the unmissable eggs Benedict and avocado toast, there are modern interpretations of Greek cuisine, such as Kayianas, scrambled eggs served with tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, olives and meat on toast. 

The atmosphere, enhanced by the staff’s warm welcome, is friendly and relaxed. There’s a real harmony between the past, embodied in the architecture, and the present, embodied in the cuisine and ambience. It’s this symbiosis that makes Philos a unique place, a true voyage through time and flavours. 



Solonos 32, Athina 106 73, Greece