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Christopher Raxxy is an avant-garde Chinese brand that combines the art of mathematics with that of parameterisation, design and fashion. Based on technical innovations that enable the creation of flexible, three-dimensional elements, the studio presents itself, without false modesty, as more advanced than the world of traditional fashion, which only works with flat, two-dimensional fabric. The result? A magnificent three-dimensional effect that doesn’t simply reproduce the figure of the human body, but on the contrary recreates a completely new geometric silhouette.

Behind this colourful world by Raxxy is artistic director William Shen. Designer and mathematics specialist. He has won numerous prizes at the Chinese Mathematics Olympiad and is described by the media as a mathematical genius.

Mathematics yes, but also and above all a lot of poetry. It’s hard to doubt this when you see the infinite palette used by the designer. And when it comes to black, as in the sublime “The Vast Land” collection, it’s poetry that’s always at the forefront. In this case, a colour painting on silk created by Wang Ximeng of the Northern Song dynasty, now part of the Beijing Palace Museum collection, which deeply inspired the collection. Another of the house’s strengths is its technological know-how combined with Chinese traditions, such as bamboo weaving. An explosive cocktail and a talent to be followed.