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Why choose an unusual venue for your event?

When it comes to choosing a venue for your event, the first hurdle – beyond getting a date that suits everyone – is choosing the right place. While it’s exciting to choose a venue that’s easily accessible to all, it may be a good idea to opt for an atypical location.

Make your differences known

Your company is unique, and you want to hold your event in a venue that sets it apart from the rest. Maybe you just want to be different and avoid the perpetual hotel conference room. A special place is an effective way of showing that you don’t do everything the way everyone else does. Propose new frameworks and choose the one that best matches your DNA. Vous pouvez également proposer de nouvelles activités en dehors du cadre traditionnel. One of these atypical locations could be an art gallery, like Galeries Joseph, which remains an exceptional place.

Play the originality card for your atypical event

This is one of the main reasons for choosing an atypical location. The more the venue differs from the traditional ones, the more we tend to whistle at spirits too acclimatized to seeing the same things, and end up getting bored of always finding ourselves in the same type of venue, with no originality whatsoever. We also challenge you to juxtapose unique atmospheres with remarkable activities.

Creating a new climate

Leaving one’s usual environment breaks with established conventions. Your participants will find themselves in a friendly atmosphere and become more relaxed than they are used to in a constantly changing environment. Whether it’s your customers, employees or suppliers, they’ll all thrive in a friendlier, less formal environment, which should improve communication.