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MF+Arquitetos enhances architecture between interior and exterior, combined with a set of straight lines and a quality of natural materials that offer a new concept of life. Zoom in on three projects.

© Felipe Araujo
© Felipe Araujo

For nearly fifteen years, founders Mariana Garcia Oliveira and Filipi Oliveira, based in Franca, São Paulo, Brazil, have distinguished themselves by their contemporary style. The duo, graduates in architecture and urban planning and married to the city, invests its expertise in residential, commercial, industrial, and interior areas. The studio MF+Arquitetos, born in 2009, renamed and restructured in 2015, has designed three recent projects that are of particular interest to us. 


The house on the lake (Casa de Lago) is located in Uberlândia in the state of Minas Gerais. Brutalism is invited via these pure lines in connection with the natural environment. The 557 m² architecture is a 36.5 m linear concrete block with a ceiling height of 2.60 m and a swimming pool inserted on the shores of the lake.

© Felipe Araujo

The entrance is on the opposite side, crossing a walkway where a basin with a bridge allows access to the interior. The volumes house, on one side, two suites and the private garden of the master bedroom, and on the other, the garage, amenities, the wine cellar, and the kitchen. The sliding glass doors invite light, with the sun breezes with vertical blades providing sun protection and privacy.

The house plays with the interior and exterior and gives pride of place to authentic materials, such as the stone floor and walls, the concrete ceiling and wooden panels. A composition that contrasts with the texture of furniture such as leather and linen. 

Play of lights

The Collector’s Corner (Recanto do Colecionador), located in Franca, is of unparalleled beauty, presenting itself as a refuge.

The 130 m² house is also characterized by its simple elements between purity of forms, integration with nature, and use of natural materials.

© Felipe Araujo

The project is inspired by a cosmopolitan character and collector of stories. The emphasis is on earthy tones, using stone, wood, marble, and concrete. Swiveling wood breezes close the house, while letting a soft and diffuse light filter through that draws beautiful geometric patterns. Brazilian furniture, works of art, and photographs translate comfort and tell their story where the concrete mixes with the essential. 

Connection to nature

The house of Bar (Casa da Barra), located this time in Rio de Janeiro in South America, is an architecture at the end of construction. Its 833 m² structure, surrounded by the flora of the rainforest, forms an ideal living space with natural ecological characteristics. An outdoor pool on a staircase is in harmony with the lush vegetation, once again blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The main part of the building increases the semi-outdoor activity area thanks to the overhanging eaves.

© Felipe Araujo

Living areas, such as the living room and dining room, are separated by sliding French doors, designed in grid and wood. The surrounding landscape thus widens the feeling of space and perpetuates ever more the natural intimacy.


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