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France – Paris

© Raphaël Auvray

His artistic reflection around the body and the geometry of movements is a pure work of goldsmith that he transcends in his new show Murmuration at 13th Art in Paris.

He is a choreographer, co-founder of the Géométrie Variable collective, founder of Murmuration and Fémézon. He is Sadeck Berrabah alias SadeckWaff, the new virtuoso of dance and performance. His meteoric rise is a success story. It took a single video, posted on YouTube in 2017, which immediately went viral, to propel this Gard native into the spotlight. This former mason and plumber has conquered the contemporary scene with his ingenuity, perfectionism, and, above all, his original concept. A clever mix of geometry, drawing, poetry, symmetry, rhythm, logic, and synchronization. His signature mixes with dexterity “popping, toyman and tutting,” urban dances born at the end of the 20th century. The movements of the dancers who accompany him, some of whom have disabilities, focus on the upper body, forming an infinite number of geometric figures. Since then, Sadeck Berrabah has had a busy schedule, multiplying scenes, projects, and collaborations


© Raphaël Auvray

Hypnotic shows

It’s no wonder that everyone is clamoring for him. This creative genius has collaborated with Shakira for her video Girl Like Me, and also with Jennifer Lopez in the American show World of Dance. He has won the Grammy Awards and the Victoires de la Musique. In the world of sports, he composed the choreography for the handover ceremony of the Olympic and Paralympic Games between Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024, accompanied by the young Oxandre Peckeu, equipped with a bionic arm prosthesis, printed in 3D, and a team of 126 performers. On television, he has participated three times in the show La France a un incroyable talent on M6. On the fashion side, he imagined, among other things, the show for the 30th anniversary of Louboutin at the Opéra Comique, with dancers in white boots and red soles. If Sadeck Berrabah’s imagination is limitless, transmission is also a key element, especially with his daughter, Neylia, with whom he shares the same love for dance. In April, the man “with millions of views on social networks” is in world premiere at the 13th Art Theater with Murmuration where more than 40 dancers, between iconic moments and new rhythms, continue to make us travel and dream.


© Raphaël Auvray

Nathalie Dassa

Murmuration – Théâtre du 13e Art 

Avenue d’Italie, Paris 13e

Du 11 avril au 8 juillet 2023

Crédits Photo : Raphaël Auvray