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A new address nestled in the heart of the Parisian golden triangle, the restaurant Anna offers a generous, friendly, and trendy experience between traditional recipes and dishes twisted by the chef, Yiannis Kioroglou, a lover of the cuisine of the sun.

© Anna Restaurant
© Anna Restaurant

Ideal for an evening with friends, the place is contemporary and authentic, with a decoration mixing wood, terrazzo, and ceramics that evoke the richness of Greek craftsmanship. 

We sit down around a large table with tablecloths, with a sober and neat service, in a warm and lively atmosphere.

© Anna Restaurant

We start with a chickpea, pomegranate, and mint hummus, tasty and original, and a melintzanasalata (grilled eggplant caviar) prepared at the last minute, simply tasty. 

Then come different mezze to share, such as the grilled octopus (xtapodi sti sxara) well spiced, perfectly cooked; the fried squid (kalamaraki tiganito), crispy as desired; and a fried feta filo, honey and sesame, surprising and regressive. Finally, the grilled red peppers, marinated in florina, bring a note of sweetness in the mouth by blending with the flavors of the different dishes.

© Anna Restaurant
© Anna Restaurant

Colorful plates reign in the center of the table, like an invitation to share and travel.

A trendy and sunny address to accompany the desire to escape in the heart of the French capital.

Restaurant Anna

14, rue Marbœuf, Paris 8e 


Mélissa Burckel