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South Korean design studio H Office designed the interiors of the Seoul-based fashion brand Nomanual, whose walls are symbols that imply complex narratives.

© Ho Han

The 125m² flagship shop is the brand’s first physical shop, located in Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, in the heart of Seoul.

The space is an incredible play of perspective, reflection, distortion, and infinity. It consists of four extremely shaped walls: the translucent white-glass façade marks a vague separation from the outside, two curved black walls divide the interior, and a rough concrete wall covers a functional space.

The client’s request was simple: “Don’t look like a clothes shop.” The result is just as good. The appeal of this shop lies mainly in the middle of the space.

© Ho Han

The two walls are made of black stainless steel with a reflective surface, which dematerializes the volumes and completely changes the visual perception.

The circulations at the ends also play to the full with the large mirror located behind the reception desk, giving the illusion that all the walls expand indefinitely.

H Office thus offers new consumer experiences in the process of all these components, linked to each other, in a pure rectangular space, interacting with the outside world.

Seoul – South Korea

Nathalie Dassa