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Born in Hong Kong, this London designer has cultivated a language of sculptures with futuristic overtones.

After a debut at the London College of Fashion in 2012, Robert Wun launched his brand two years later, taking his couture practice into a universe close to science fiction and the natural world.

© Robert Wun / Luca Tombolini
© Robert Wun / Luca Tombolini

Honored with the ANDAM Fashion Special Award in 2022, the designer has also appealed to a number of artists, such as Céline Dion, Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Solange, Erykah Badu, Billy Porter, and Tessa Thompson.

The designer has also offered his services to the Royal Ballet, the Hunger Games saga, but also to advertisements designed by the brilliant director Wong Kar Wai. At the last Fashion Week, Robert Wun presented a collection soberly named “Fear.” 

© Robert Wun / Luca Tombolini

The designer says: “An image stayed in my mind when I was designing this collection. It was a picture of technicians all wearing white coats and gloves in a workshop, holding their breath while gently handling the clothes.

This scene evoked the fear of damaging, staining or breaking the precious work. This image resonated deeply with my feelings at the time and the questions I was asking myself at the time: ‘What is a Haute Couture collection today? Who am I as a designer? Am I good enough?’”

© Robert Wun / Luca Tombolini

Robert Wun then seized on his doubts to study the accidents of fashion and “the uncomfortable truth of self-esteem.” Ideas that took shape through broken heels, plastic surgery, wine stains, broken pearl necklaces, rain, etc. These elements were brought to life through Swarovski crystals, umbrella structures, but also pleats made with 3D printing. 

The designer concludes: “Ultimately, the collection is not about fear, but about the desire to overcome fear. The desire to embrace it and turn it into something beautiful.”

London – England 

Lisa Agostini