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Martin Colognoli’s first book mixes the techniques of art and documentary. This fervent admirer of the great Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado aims to make living science fiction.

© Martin Cologni
© Martin Cologni

His colorful coral photographs take us to the ecosystems of an Indonesian coastal village. These fishermen have become actors and protectors of these endangered corals. The author immerses the reader with his strong and spectacular images.

Photographs that reflect climate change, overfishing, and marine pollution. He offers us a dreamlike and scientific journey to the heart of the fishing village of Seraya Besar. Martin Colognoli, who studied marine biology, presents us with this fascinating marine fauna, creating a hymn to the defense of biodiversity, but also to humanity. Martin Colognoli transmits to us, with his six years of fieldwork, the links he has woven with the inhabitants of the village. 

© Martin Cologni
© Martin Cologni

 “Coral” highlights the connection between endangered fauna, coral, and humans and their dependence on these reefs, in which fishing plays an essential role.

On April 29, the photographer will present his breathtaking exhibition with 25 other artists at the Musée des Tissues in Lyon. An immersive exhibition that will deal with the link between humans and living beings. His precious advice that he shared with us: “Document yourself and then get involved in a cause that is dear to you. Time is more than precious.”  

Indonesia – Seraya besar

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