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Reflecting identities, dreams and visions, gardens remain intimately linked to social evolution. All the more so today in the face of ecological challenges, the challenges of urban agriculture and the need to create spaces for sociability. Gardens, at the same time “places of pleasure, rest, solitary or shared reverie”, have proven through time to be important elements that structure cities. This is what the Vitra Design Museum will explore through its exhibition “Garden Futures”. Their history and design future will be embellished with examples from design, everyday culture and landscape architecture: from “contemporary community gardens to green facades and vertical urban farms” and “from deckchairs to gardens created by designers and artists, such as Roberto Burle Marx, Mien Ruys and Derek Jarman”. Several questions will fuel the reflections: “What movements and theories have influenced our contemporary garden ideals? How can horticulture contribute to a more sustainable future and a good life for all?” The museum in Germany will thus explore different themes (social justice, climate change, biodiversity), for a healthier and more balanced relationship between man and nature.

Nathalie Dassa

Exhibition Garden Futures: Designing with Nature

March 25 – October 3, 2023

Vitra Design Museum