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When traveling, it is always difficult to find the right place to sit down and travel through the culinary traditions of the country. But behind the unique Finnish design of Finnjävel Salonki in Helsinki are the famous Finnish designers and architects Kivi and Tuuli Sotamaa, a brother and sister. Located in the Taidehalli art exhibition building and close to other cultural institutions, the restaurant offers two atmospheres for the enjoyment of locals and tourists looking for a moment of discovery with a cuisine that cherishes traditions. A visit here is a taste of the culinary essence of Finland while celebrating wild cuisine interpreted in a modern and sophisticated way.

© Nico Backström

Salonki’s chef and owner, Tommi Tuominen, offers a fine-dining experience through the history of Finnish food characterized by scarcity and minimalism. In this harsh climate, food was so precious that absolutely everything was used. Creativity, an absolute necessity for survival, has resulted in a rich variety of traditional cuisine with a reflection on ingredients and culinary methods.

The Salonki restaurant offers the best of the flavors from the northern wilderness with sometimes delicate, but intense sensations, like a nightless summer. Designed as a tribute to the Scandinavian country, the ingredients are fine and wild, local, while the methods of curing, cooking, smoking, and fermenting respect the old traditions to defend the future of Finnish cuisine. 

© Nico Backström

In 2021, Salonki was awarded a Michelin star and the Service Award for the best service in the Nordic countries, while offering two menus. The first has five courses, while the second, more elaborate, has eight courses for a journey into the heart of nature. 

Sali, the second restaurant, offers its guests more casual, yet elegant Finnish home cooking in a warm atmosphere, while traversing the classics made of pure Nordic ingredients. At Sali’s, there are also two menus with a more affordable price and a vegetarian option. 

© Nico Backström

“We wouldn’t be Finnish devils if we didn’t bring back the forgotten delights of the past or cultivate something new. Even the Karelian dugout is not the same after us!” explains the Finnjavel team. 

A must in Helsinki, because one bite is enough to create memories in every visitor.

Helsingin Taidehalli

Ainonkatu 3,

00100 Helsinki

Thomas Durin