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At the heart of his creative process, Pierre Louis Mascia, born in Toulouse, travels the world and devours books and archives in search of a starting point that will be told through his colorful collections! The unrivaled master knows how to mix, layer, and combine prints to offer his clients spectacular pieces. 

© Pierre Louis Mascia

This trained illustrator has designed for major fashion publications like Vogue and Elle magazine. But from this freedom to imagine and create comes a pronounced graphic sense charged with emotion. 

After years of work as director of the Première Classe salon, in 2007, and in collaboration with the silk printer based in Como, Italy, Achille Pinto, he launched his first line. He also enlisted the services of the Uliassi brothers, renowned for their expertise in combining technology and craftsmanship. A technique which, for more than 90 years, has seduced many luxury houses, which also enhances the meticulous work of Pierre Louis Mascia. 

© Pierre Louis Mascia

Together, they began by launching scarves that would cause a sensation. Later, the French designer, still surrounded by his partners, decided to create a ready-to-wear collection, affirming his style and his taste for collages and prints, while offering quality pieces with perfect finishes and “made in Italy” printed on the wearables. 

But this textile storyteller, often inspired by books, does not stop there, developing his range of clothing for men and women, but also accessories for the house and even collaborations for glasses with colorful geometry, sharing with his public his multicultural art of living. 

© Pierre Louis Mascia
© Pierre Louis Mascia

Pierre Louis Mascia shares his passion for collage and structure by creating intricate patterns of visual clarity through his eponymous brand, available worldwide, from France to the United States to Australia and Japan, a country that inspires him greatly. 

“I feel more like a designer than a fashion designer. The mixture of different patterns, a constant attention to the color palette and the use of certain materials define the identity of my collections,” explains the artist. 

A journey in the image of his lifestyle between France and Italy.

Thomas Durin