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Kyunghyun Lew and Jieun Cha, two former architecture and engineering graduates, are passionate about road trips and obsessed with insulation and energy efficiency.

In 2017, they decided to found Polydrops to design energy-efficient, distance- and weather-proof trailers. After the P19 model, they introduce the P17A All Electric.

While the latter is based on the design of a passive house, the California-based duo creates a comfortable space that can be towed by all types of vehicles, including electric and hybrid, to support the transition to sustainable transportation.

The trailer’s sleek, geometric design is equipped with a battery and solar panels. The electrical system controls the temperature in the cabin, which has a mattress for sleeping, and powers the kitchen equipment (refrigerator, induction stove, sink). 

© Jieun Cha
© Jieun Cha

For its shape, more aerodynamic than the P19, the founders explain that they used “fluid dynamics to prove its final design, after hundreds of different simulations.” They also focused more on fuel efficiency in terms of towing distance.

© Jieun Cha

The P17A was tested on a Hyundai Ioniq 5, which, in their words, was able to travel “up to 345 km/h while maintaining a speed of 105 km/h.” Towing would have lost only “15 percent of its total range.”

For the founders, this is a significant result for better road travel experiences.

Nathalie Dassa