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This English multidisciplinary artist has created a very singular universe, which explores the themes of the body, sexuality, childhood, and her identity. Her creative process, like a mirror, is a response to her mental health, confronting her anxieties with humor and reflection.

Jemima Sara deconstructs this relentless quest for perfection to allow people to be themselves. She draws from women’s experience, freedom of expression, self-affirmation, social networks. Her art, beyond drawings and paintings, tells stories that resonate with feminist principles to better manage her life and celebrate her imperfections. An approach that is at once personal, social, and political.

She has designed vulvas for Channel 4 to break down the stigma around their different sizes and shapes, collaborated with brands such as Terry De Havilland and Anthropologie, presented her work in several galleries and opened her first store in Ramsgate, England this year. For 2023, she’s planning two exhibitions, one of which, titled “Toilet Humor or Tumor,” will focus on her health after dealing with “the fear of a tumor in her pelvis, while resolving a nagging problem with her bowels.”

It also includes a sanitation facility in central London. This is a recurring theme in her work, where these spaces become places accessible to art. “Toilets can be safe havens for women, for menstrual inaccessibility, or spaces for nightlife, at events, even abusive domestic environments,” she explains.

Underneath her apparent crudity, Jemima Sara sensitizes, creates, lives, and struggles with our times, inviting the viewer to join her on her introspective journey.


Credits : @Jemima Sara

Nathalie Dassa