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The Hyper-Haus design studio designed the interiors of Doctor Mek Clinic, a medical beauty institute like no other in Bangkok, Thailand.

Designing interiors is always a story to tell, a universe to invent, an atmosphere to create. The concept of Hyper-Haus at Doctor Mek’s clinic answers this motto, drawing its inventiveness from the practitioner’s name. “Mek” means “cloud” in Thai, which is also found in the logo, symbolizing freedom. For this design studio, everyone has the right to dream and imagine, especially in centers dedicated to care and beauty. Here, “the doctor is an artist and the clinic is a gallery where works of art are designed in the beautiful features of the human face.”

The Doctor Mek Clinic becomes a “dream city floating in and above the clouds” in the heart of Bangkok. It is a place of shimmering colors, crazy curves, geometric patterns, free forms, which have no borders or limits, and lush vegetation that looks like a tropical oasis. The décor is eye-catching from the street via the picturesque reception area with its pixelated walls. While the five treatment rooms were given priority, Hyper-Haus created photo-friendly environments, such as the “White Blue Graphic Catwalk” corner and the staircases with their hypnotic line play.

Enchanting design

Each space has its own atmosphere to offer customers new experiences. The diversity of the design creates a sense of discovery, like finding an “easter egg.” Treatment room 1, “The Secret Rocket,” draws on the aesthetic of the 1970s. The disco/retro motif is inspired by the cockpit of a spaceship traveling through an infinite world. This room is designed to be both a workspace and a stage for the doctor’s live performances. Room 2, “Keep calm and warm beige,” immerses us in an autumn meadow, adorned with flowers that come alive when touched by air and wind. Room 3, “Green Therapy,” takes on a light mint hue, inviting relaxation like a spa treatment. Room 4, “Sweet Baby Pink,” turns cotton-candy pink with a peacock graphic. The dressing room, covered with a rainbow gradient representing diversity, plays on both aesthetics and functionality. Room 5, known as the “primary colors room,” is dressed in red, yellow, and blue.

Through the Doctor Mek Clinic, Hyper-Haus reinvents interiors but also the time devoted to beautifying its clients, making these appointments memorable moments.

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