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Modern, avant-garde, creative, sensitive, daring: there is no shortage of adjectives to describe Chef Lucas Felzine. After cutting his teeth in the great temples of French cuisine, such as L’Arpège, Shangri-La, and La Dame de Pic, this young chef shares his «cuisine of sensations, feelings [and] emotions» in three establishments in the capital. 

A free spirit in the kitchen, he has made it his mantra not to forbid himself anything. Crazy about aromatic herbs, he is also passionate about marinades and Japanese barbecue cooking. His many travels have opened him to these cultures, from which he draws his inspiration. His ambition is to bring a different kind of cuisine to life! A defender of taste as much as of technique, Lucas Felzine sublimates French products by using the colors, perfumes, flavors, and textures of other countries. A world tour of flavors in every bite…

At the Fitzgerald, a refined and festive address on the Left Bank, he strives to serve a sophisticated cuisine that focuses on the product. At L’Abstinence, in the Motte- Picquet district, the emphasis is on conviviality with plates to share based on seasonal products sourced in a short circuit. Finally, his last address, Vesper, which has awakened the 7th arrondissement of the City of Light, offers fusion cuisine. It has everything that makes it a masterpiece: Nikkeiinfluenced gastronomy firmly rooted in the French territory.


54, boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg, Paris 7e


47, avenue de la Motte-Picquet, Paris 15e


81, avenue Bosquet, Paris 7e

Credits : @The Travel Buds Studio x Vesper

Yaël Nacache