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After graduating in architecture and landscape design, the artist photographer Manon Deck-Sablon became passionate about photography – in parallel to her job as a landscape designer. Many photographers such as Chloé Rosser, Brooke Didonato or Spencer Tunick have inspired her work. These different inspirations have allowed her to sharpen her eye in order to better develop her own artistic identity. 

In black and white or in colour, the artist tries to combine the softness of the flesh with the raw aspect of urbanism in his pictures: “Whether it’s in architecture or nudity, there is a similar way of seeing the curves and the work of light.

With her Fujifilm X-T20, the photographer captures moments that are both absurd and poetic: naked, curled-up bodies, where the face has seemingly disappeared. More than just bodies, they are living sculptures that question our relationship to nudity. Desexualised bodies, treated in the same way whatever the gender of the models.

Manon Deck-Sablon recently participated in the collective exhibition ImageNation Milan (article in Acumen N° 27), which took place at the Luciana Matalon Foundation in the heart of the city, whose theme was the relationship to the body.

The photographer adds: “Before certain shoots with my models, I go on a scouting trip to determine what composition I will create. I then scribble it all down in a notebook so I can remember all my ideas on the day. The body becomes matter to better blend into the different environments chosen by the artist.

Credits : @decksablon

Marine Mimouni