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Coming from a long line of breeders, Rebecca Clopath continues the tradition as the sixth generation of her family. After training in the Michelin-starred kitchens of Stefan Wiesner and Oskar Marti, the gourmet chef won the title of world champion twelve years ago, during the culinary world cup in Luxembourg with the junior cooking team. In 2016, Rebecca decided to launch her own brand and to train in agriculture in order to take over the family business two years later. 

Both a gourmet chef and a farm manager, Clopath is constantly learning about organic farming and permaculture by attending numerous courses on these subjects. With four plots of land at an altitude of 1800m, Rebecca grows vegetables that were previously forgotten. For some time now, an idea has been germinating in the mind of the chef: to exploit new cereals rich in proteins. A great lover of hiking, Rebecca explores the surroundings in search of new aromas that can awaken her dishes and highlight nature. 

In love with the nature that surrounds her, Rebecca cooks in her restaurant, “Stivetta,” in the city of Lohn, Germany. Products come from her farm – such as vegetables, meat, and Umami – but also from fair trade, bringing a philosophical aspect to her dishes. The gourmet chef wants to make people aware that another way of consuming is possible. From the very first bite, Clopath wishes to make her guests discover a gustatory experience that awakens all their senses. 

Recipes, farm products, vouchers, everything can be purchased on the label’s online store. Rebecca Clopath also offers the “Nose to tail” package, which consists of eleven pieces of young organic beef, such as fillet, shank, and minced meat. Raised at an altitude of 1600m, the cattle are fed on a healthy diet of hay, grass, and milk, giving the meat its unique finesse.

Credits : @ClaudiaLink

Marine Mimouni