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For Joris Poggioli, form is essential. It reveals the power of a material and gives the object a new dimension. It is his background as an interior designer and his passion for sculpture that led him to create his first furniture collection in 2017: Youth Editions. We can already detect his universe. The lines are both voluptuous and elegant, revealing the noble material of each piece. This duality, precisely measured, he owes to his roots. French in the sophisticated work. Italian in the whimsical aesthetic. From these two cultures are born tables, seats, and consoles that stand the test of time. Simple or elaborate, his self-published pieces exude this search for free creativity. A power, sometimes architectural, sometimes sculptural, that integrates perfectly with the environment and the other pieces that surround it. 

Joris Poggioli may have a particular interest in stone, such as marble or onyx, but he does not hesitate to venture into modern materials, such as resin, as shown in the Rick chair, for the capsule collection Enamorados presented at Kohlkoze. Alongside a series of pieces where curves and roundness are de rigueur, this seat, in transparent resin with a light color, confirms the vision of the young designer. It’s about sculptural, timeless creations that look to the world of tomorrow.

Louise Conesa