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Design studio Nendo has unveiled its latest project: a villa designed using concrete tunnels, commonly used in the construction of infrastructure projects, such as underground waterways, or the installation of power lines. Designed to store furniture, artwork, and also to host a guest house in Miyota-machi, Nagano Prefecture, the building is located in a quiet and rich environment, where streams flow through a thick forest of red pine trees. The common square-shaped pieces weigh about 12 tons each, and a total of 63 were used. 

Gravel and plantations surround the villa and invite themselves inside, as if to draw the environment into this singular house. As for the door handles, they would have seemed abrupt if installed as they are, so an original design was made while hiding in a small space between the door and the wall. The bathtub is dug into the floor, so that the water surface aligns with the floor, creating an illusion of continuity. A creation full of character, combining civil engineering concepts with refined design details.

Lisa Agostini