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 New “green yacht” by Zaha Hadid Architects: Artificial intelligence and ecology 

This futuristic design jewel, named Oneiric, is entirely covered with solar panels. It was designed by the London-based Zahah Hadid Architects and the Italian shipbuilding giant Rossinavi, which is particularly committed to preserving the marine ecosystem. The yacht can sail for a full day in electric mode without any emissions. If the battery runs out, the yacht saves up to 40 tons of CO2 compared to a conventional boat. Their collaboration has ushered in a whole new era in yachting.

With its minimalist and uncluttered design, the boat blends into the idyllic setting. Thanks to its green technology, the owner will be able to spend unforgettable moments while protecting the sea bed. The battery is charged by a system of three levels of solar panels. They have been integrated into the design of the boat to charge the battery in an optimal way. An artificial intelligence-driven control center monitors energy consumption and battery status. The solar panels, which continuously recharge the battery pack during the day, are also designed for when the yacht is not in use; and when it’s moored, it can power a family villa on land. Rossinavi was inspired by phytoplankton, a small seaweed that converts sunlight into energy and provides more than half of the Earth’s annual oxygen production. These billions of microscopic organisms remind us that when we work together, we can all contribute to a healthier environment.  

The size of the spaces is simply exceptional: the master bedroom enjoys a 180-degree view. The interior spaces are interconnected, a feature that makes it unique. Many of the interior materials are recycled and recyclable. Visual and auditory serenity prevails on board for an extraordinary experience. 


Flora di Carlo