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Design in three acts

Clap Studio, based in Valencia, Spain, focuses on designing experiences through art installations, interiors, and manufactured objects. Zoom in on three of its projects.

by Nathalie Dassa

Simplicity, elegance, and playfulness are the key words of Clap Studio, founded by Jordi Iranzo and Àngela Montagud. For five years, the Spanish design duo has been creating immersive experiences that enliven the territory, while crossing borders such as Hong Kong, São Paulo, and Minsk. Their three recent projects, however, remain in Valencia. In 2022, the city was designated capitale mondiale du design by the World Design Organization and asked the duo to imagine an installation that would double as a transformable space, open to performances and events. The Sea is located in the America’s Cup Pavilion (Veles e Vents), designed by David Chipperfield. The design is inspired by the waves and the Marina de Valencia. A conceptual sea composed of overlapping modules and ambient lighting that uses spherical lights to simulate jellyfish in the water. The grid effect generates different depths and gives the public the sensation of being immersed. 

Clean aesthetics, multiple perspectives

The interiors of Baovan, whose motto is “Beach, beers & baos,” also center around the sea. This restaurant offers stuffed buns inspired by Chinese cuisine. The designers then imagined a food experience with a change of scenery, designing a space divided into three atmospheric zones: the forest, the beach, and the sea. Customers can eat surrounded by ropes hanging from the ceiling as dense vegetation, under clouds or in front of a sunset projected on a screen that adapts to the length of a table service. They also have the possibility of dining under the moonlight in a reserved space. For the Worm project, it’s time for the third segment of their work, the design object. The duo collaborated with Missana to make a bench that looks like a centipede. This system of three modules plays with shapes, sizes, and colors for combinations according to the desires and spaces. Clap Studio is full of ideas and innovation, always maintaining strong links with functionality and versatility, nature and the environment.

Interior, product and installations

Nathalie Dassa

Photo credits David Zarzoso (The Sea)

Photo credits Daniel Rueda (Baovan)

Photo credits Ángel Segura (Worm)