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Behspoke, or the meeting of art and design

“The most exclusive and artistic furniture publisher of the world’s leading designer architects and developers.” That’s how Behspoke describes his work, which straddles the line between art and design. “What if artists painted on sofas? What if paintings were reproduced on consoles and rugs? What if sculptures became the body element of tables?” A vision that is best summed up in the latest in-house creation, which is none other than a collaboration between British artist Mr. Penfold, inspired by the Memphis movement and the world of skateboarding, and the French design studio Sabourin Costes. From this union was born the coffee table “Forma,” with multiple and singular forms, which evokes the digital arts and the pop universe of the artist. A singular that mixes lacquered wood, burned wood, natural stone, and vibrant orange-red metal.

Lisa Agostini